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Lecture 3

Geography 2011A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Getgo, Canadian Shield, Competitive AdvantagePremium

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Geography 2011A/B
Wendy Dickinson

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Lecture 3 Economic Geography
Levels of Economic Activity
1. Primary: Extraction of raw materials, drove Canada from get-go
2. Secondary: Conversion of raw materials/adding value to
3. Tertiary: Services
4. Quaternary: Collection/processing/distributing information
- Reason for growth from immigration
- Ability to produce all WE needed, so used waterways to export
- Ontario leads Canada in $ value of farm products, holding ¼ of all farms = 9 millions
- Risk of economic disaster = bugs eating, weather, legalities
- Subsidized by government (land rich, money poor)
- Environmental change threatens
- Only 5% of Canada is farmland, but from that we produced $10.3 billion in 2005
- Dairy products earn most, followed by fruit/vegetables/potatoes
- Land clearing effects runoff (Walkerton)
Commercial Fisheries
- Began around 1820
- Expanded 20% per year
- Best was in 1889 and 1899, over by 1950s
- Provinces set annual limits and licenses
- Around 80% of value is in Lake Erie, therefore no fishing is allowed on the Southern
(American) side
- Don’t really do this anymore
- 1830 commercial logging began
- Paper making slowly began, now we are world leaders
- Pollution from production and loss of resources is a problem
- 80% of Ontario is forested = 85 billion trees
- Most towns have at least one forest-related industry
- 80% of forests are owned by the province, 9% is parks
- Volatile industry (but not as bad as people think)
- $14 billion in 2008, mostly in pulp and paper
- Around 200,000 direct and indirect jobs
- 40 of 260 forestry communities say they are highly dependent of the industry
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