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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Geography 2144G Monday January 6 Lecture 1 Why do we travel? • All travel is either intentional (going to a specific place at a specific time), or accidental (we just want to go somewhere, it doesn’t matter where – destination anywhere) • Space – place that has general meaning to all of us • Place – place that has specific meaning to us Notes: • Not much of this course is on OWL • The lectures will be in Power Points Gateways to Discovery • Your experience – Your experience while travelling • Past – Your vacation experiences in the past (you will be asked to describe your best vacation experience in the past) • Future – Your next dream vacation • Class - You should listen and connect the things you learn in class with what you already know (make a picture that makes sense to you) • Online Text – There is information and context available on the course website Geography: • The here and now is always contextualized by an awareness of the landscape with which we engage o Wherever we are, we can engaged with the landscape and the environment • The environmental, economic and social dynamics of space and place at any point in time – these are contingent upon your values, understanding, and whether you are open to learning • Lifelong learning is the journey of discovery to enlightenment o An awareness of the myriad of landscapes through which we:  Travel  Engage  Experience o There are certain places that we are happy to see once, and some that we love to return to over and over again Tourism is the active utilization of gateways of discovery to expand one’s engagement with the world • Tourism is a gateway to discovery – we use gateways to expand our engagement • eg. Rome is a gateway to Naples, Florence, Venice (although Rome is the tourist destination, you can travel to other places as well and expand your engagement) • Sometimes we learn consciously and we choose a space or place to explore, experience, and linger within. Other times, our learning is by accident: we learn despite ourselves, or from the unanticipated, the unexpected, and unknown o We may miss opportunities for unexpected discovery if we’re not open to it • We travel not just to learn about the places we go to, but also to learn more about ourselves. o Is the ‘us’ when we travel a temporary ‘us’, or the real us if work and money weren’t in the way? o Are we more ourselves when we travel, or are we just experimenting with different versions of us? Sometimes we try things and it becomes part of who we are, and sometimes we try things and it just confirms that’s not who we really are. “…my destination was merely my excuse to take the trip…” • Is the destination the reason we go, or is it just an excuse? • One of the paradoxes of otherness is that in travel, each conceives the other to be a foreigner. o We think of someone different from us as being a foreigner • Travel is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with distance or the exotic. It is almost entirely an inner experience. o You don’t have to go very far to be in a state of travel • The whole point of travel is discovery, and few experiences can match the satisfaction of such an extraordinary discovery near home. • Travel has to do with movement and truth: with trying everything, offering yourself to exper
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