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Lecture 5

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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Geography 2144G Monday February 3 Week 5 – Tourist Attractions Assignment • You will get your grade within 1 week 3 Main Types of Attractions: 1. Cultural o Requires an element of cultural distinctiveness or history 2. Natural o Natural landscapes that draw people in (sea, beach, mountains) o eg. they sell ‘natural’ in Hawaii 3. Entertainment oriented o If you don’t have cultural or natural attractions, you create entertainment (theme parks, casinos, etc…) All tourism markets one of these three types of attractions. Top 25 Most Visited Attractions in North America • #1 – Times Square, New York • #2 – Las Vegas (entertainment) • #3 – National Mall, Washington o It has museums, art galleries… • Niagara Falls is a natural attraction o It isn’t the biggest waterfall in the world, but it is the most accessible o The problem with Niagara Falls as a tourist industry is stretching out the visit to the falls into something bigger • Navy Pier, Chicago o It used to be a port, and was converted over for tourist business o They have turned an older city into something that has become a tourist attraction Classification of Recreation Resources (after Clawson) They classified their resources for recreation purposes. Recreation becomes tourism when you stay overnight. This classification system separates what’s natural from artificial • User Oriented o Based on availability o Created developments to match activity desires  City parks  Pools  Zoos o Activities include:  Golf  Tennis  Walking o Seasonal o Physical activity that is urban based • Intermediate o You are in the city and can access it o Accessible distance to users o More natural than artificial:  Camping  Hiking  Swimming  Hunting  Fishing • Resource Based o Further from the city, dependant on the natural resources with a lower intensity o Resource determines activity:  Skiing  Hiking  Climbing o eg. If you live in London, you could go to Collingwood for the day to go skiing 1. Cultural and Heritage • Indigenous o Canadian souvenirs include Native artisan products o eg. beavers, Inuksuk’s, etc… o This isn’t unique to Canada – it happens all over the world • Colonial and Nationalistic o The Colonists came after Indigenous people o We see this in museums and art galleries – things that celebrate the state o We project the state through flags, monuments, museums, national anthems… • Frontier o We celebrate the frontier, the leading edge of civilization, colonizing and making civilization out of the wilderness o This is a common theme in many countries • Immigrant o eg. Navy Pier in Chicago o eg. St. Patrick’s Day – we celebrate immigrants in terms of tourism  Boston celebrates the Irish because they were the port where the Irish came during the potato famine • Industrial o Airline museums, train museums, etc… • Example: York, Pennsylvania o 30 minutes west of York is Gettysburg, and 30 minutes east is Lancaster County o Gettysburg is a well-preserved cultural natural heritage museum  It was a pivotal battle and turning point of the Civil War  The people fighting in the war were poor (they didn’t have shoes, didn’t fight in the winter), and the reason they fought at Gettysburg was because they had a boot factory  Gettysburg was not a chosen site for a battle – it was accidentally chosen  Gettysburg was a mark of how far the south got before they lost the battle  It is unchanged as a battle site – they have monuments, plaques, historical sites, a visitor’s centre, guides, you can get around by horseback… o York also has a Harley-Davidson factory  You can go around the plant and see all of the bikes and the people making the different parts o Lancaster County  Amish country • The Mennonites of Lancaster County sell their milk to the Hershey chocolate factory • This gives them secure revenue • The problem is that the oldest kids take over the farm, but the other kids will go to mainstream culture unless they can find something else to do (they get involved in tourism through buggy rides, restaurants, quilting, etc…) o York is one town with three different versions of cultural heritage. 2. Nature Based • Ecotourism o There is no way you can be a tourist and not affect the environment you are in o eg. Costa Rica is the biggest proponent of ‘ecotourism’, but what they are really selling is outdoor adventure o It is a way of selling naturalness as a tourist attraction • Wildlife viewing o Wildlife are exciting and fun to view • National and State parks o A way of preserving natural ecosystems • Example: Monterey Bay Aquarium o Monterey has established itself as a fishing port, and otters hang around the bay naturally o The aquarium is a place where
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