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Lecture 11

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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Lecture 10 – Development & Management Evolution or Revolution • Has the development of tourism in the USA been similar or different to those of other landscapes? o Atlantic City was the first tourism built town out of a monopoly of the railways (cheap tickets)  Destination for wealthy that worked long, hard, days  indulge  Government action (unplanned) of prohibition made Atlantic City boom as people went there to drink and gamble (and prostitution) o Bugsy Segal  created Vegas  After WWII, interest in making money from the war  Borrowed money from the mob, and mob took over and built it  Provided a venue for quick weddings and divorces  Became so popular because after the war people were looking for fun  Activities such as prostitution and gambling, not legal in mainstream society, the mob offered these services o Casino  Mo Dalls in 1970`s  Hollywood`s take on what happened in Vegas  mob run and runts to excess  leads to violence, murder, etc.  Crack down in the 1980’s and the removal of obvious owners  Corporate America replaced what was dangerous Vegas  now a family destination, not just an adult one o How? o Why? • See Chapter 2: evolution Through Time o Disney – how and why is it happening? Development of government policy and planning or an entrepreneurial vision? • Chapter 3: the Institutional Setting rd o Even 3 world countries have forms of tourism –Not everyone benefits from it, there are those in power who gain from it o People are happy when there are huge influxes of money • What are some examples to support your contention? • Two possible organizers: o 15 Cs framework o STEEP model - Any of the things can be used to understand the development and origins of tourism - Customers  cater to their needs/wants and you can capture the market o For example, after the war, people are looking to do things that get their minds off the war, hence Atlantic City was created  people could ‘loose t
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