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Lecture 1

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Class 1 01/06/2014
- Tourism—the active utilization of gateways to discovery to expand one’s engagement with the world
- every trip is unique
- travel suggests hope
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The Tourist 01/06/2014
- Orlando – Disney is the #1 tourist destination in NA
- Vegas – not for kids, adult tourists
- Denver – biggest season summer with people going hiking, camping, etc, not just skiing
- Vancouver – has everything, big cities, mountains, trees
- London – history (royal family), can go to Europe and still connect with the culture/ language, #1 tourists
who go are Americans
- Bahamas – safe, wealthy Caribbean resort
- Cancun – just about all 2 million tourists are college-aged students, promotes lots of cheap alcohol, drugs,
- Ibiza – same tourism space/ demographic as Cancun (in terms of age group, price)
- Stockholm – bit more distinct from London, Paris, etc
- Barbados – step up from the Bahamas, authentic Caribbean
- Tahiti – exotic, distinct-not the Caribbean/Hawaii, 162,000 tourists in a year (a bad day in Disney)
- Beijing – attracted tourists from the Olympics
- Lima – Inca ruins, Macchu Pichu, must be adventurous and be willing to get on something other than
mass tourist transit
- St. Petersburg – 20 million tourists in Russia, 300,000 from NA, unorganized infrastructure for tourism,
everything is negotiated, must be very conscious and aware, worldly
Different Types of Tourists
- American tourist market is the largest in the world
- Every Caribbean nation wants tourism as part of their economy
- Destination tourism (hotels, resorts, beaches) vs Cruise tourism (day-by-day, dock/port, leave)
- First travelled with a family—as a child, were you a tourist or locked into your family
- What kind of tourist are you? How has that affected where you have been and where you want to go?
- Drifter (doesn’t worry about toilets, hot water, with the locals) and explorer (still cares about toilets, beds,
comfort, coming home safe)
- Mass tourism vs individual
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