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Western University
Geography 2153A/B
Jamie Baxter

Geography Power Point Review Questions Bioaccumulation and biomagnification are highly interrelated processes which explain: a) Why we should limit the fish and mammals we eat in and around the great lakes b) How water is made potable in a water treatment plant c) How waste water is transformed into water that can be discharged into the local watershed in a sewage treatment plant d) How nitrates form acid precipitation from the burning of fossil fuels in industry and vehicles What is the acronym of the program that was put in place for east coast fishers to help offset economic hardship after the collapse of code in the mid 1990s? a) TACS b) TAGS c) GATS d) RAGE e) None of the above Clear cutting is considered by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to be a sustainable form of silviculture. a) True b) False Identify one key criticism of impact benefit agreements (IBA) between aboriginal communities and resource industry companies. a) Though IBAs are transparent aborigin
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