American South History: Food Lecture Continued

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22 Mar 2012

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American South : Food Con’t
Theme: poor people
Food implies ethnic culture it isn’t just the poor people who eat it.
Keep in mind this affects their nutrition and leads to malnutrition and certain disease
Meat: Staple meat—Pork (easiest) Hog slaughtering time was part of the season.
Hogs could take care of themselves.
Fat Back, pigs ears, hooves, Chitlins (small intestines of hogs deep fried had to be eaten
close after the hog was killed or you might get sick they had to be soaked in water for a
day and cleaned.)… (poor cuts) everything is used in cooking.
Not all of this was healthy.
Southern fried chicken is almost a clicbut southerners eat more pork.
Chicken is a big Sunday meal.
Sanders kfc known as one of the most famous Kentucky-ians but wasn’t born their.
Moved there as a kid. Opened a restaurant. 1952 franchised (sold it) remained the symbol
of it though/ spokesperson.
Bottom feeders.
Number three in meat category
(they are now farmed corn fed)
Often fried
Nov 2001 two months after 9/11 George W had time to sign a declaration about CatFish
Only bottom feeders raised in the USA could be sold in USA as catfish.
Whiskered sweethearts
Black eyed peas (actually from Africa) cook them long and slow and with salt pork, or
just plain bacon grease.
Greens could be anything. Boiled leaves of various plants, cultivated or wild.
Collard Greens, Turnip Greens
Bacon or salt pork in them.
Okra (From Africa) In the same family as cotton. Cooked for a long time. Fried.
Fried Tomatoes
often have them for breakfast
Vidalia Onions from Georgia
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