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Lecture 6

History 1401E Lecture 6: week 6: History Lenin

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HIS 1401E
Nicolas Virtue

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Lenin, the Bolshevik Revolution and the Russian Civil War
- collapse of tsarism wasn't a socialist revolution
February Revolution
- Russian Calendar system (early march)
- Liberal democratic revolution
- When the tsar abdicated there was no one to take over except for duma
- Provisional government with prime minister prince Georgy Lvov
- Meant to be temporary until a new constitution was written up
- Because it only temporary they don't make any major policy changes so
they didn't want to pull out of the war, despite citizens pleas
- Bolsheviks were exiled abroad and to siberia, no position to te over
The Failure of Russian liberalism
- Soviets
- Local committees that represented the interest of workers and soldiers
- No particular leaders or affiliates
- Aim to have a say in government and protect interests of workers by ensuring that
working conditions are improved, and transform the army into a more democratic
- Social Revolutionaries
- Redistribution of land to peasants
- divide ed between a militant left wing and a more moderate right wing that was
more nationalistic (defensist)
- Mensheviks
- Moderate marxist
- minority
- Bolsheviks
- Radical marxist
- majority
- Lenin’s group
Lenin (1870-1924)
- Lenin is a code name for Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov
- Well off family
- Brother was executed for failed execution attempt on alexander III
- Leading marxist intellectual in russia
- Great write like 10/10 he had 50 volumes in this bitch
- He gets arrested and exiled around the first world war for his thoughts
- He shifts his views on marxism during this time
- Believed they could skip the bourgeoisie revolution
- April Theses
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