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History October 15: Terror, Thermidor, and Directory
War and domestic politics in the convention
1793- France at war with Europe
French armies stopped the Prussians in their tracks
This gives the revolutionaries some breathing room
French forces invade Belgium and capture…something
Offers the rest of European revolutionaries war support
They declare feudalism dead
The war on Castles!! Getting nobility to pay for all the changes (after they over
throw them)
Fight for bigger borders
They are at war with most of Europe things then go badly
Constitution of 1793
Since it’s a republic they need a new constitution
The monarchy is gone and so is the passive and active citizens
No property qualifications
A new assembly….universal suffrage (except women)
All citizens have basic rights to life right for a job or social assistance and
education and healthcare
The people had the right to rise up against the government
The constitution is shelved after it is made and never really goes into affect
Enrages (the enraged)
demand punishment for people who hoard grain or inflate prices and things like that
Law of the Maximum (may 1793)
fair prices for bread
People become worried that the mob is driving the revolution
They want the assembly to move back to vers.. to reduce the power of the san-coullets
The radicals get their way on June 2 1793 the Girodins are arrested
There are a lot of counter revolutions the worst of which is the Vendee Rebellion
peasants had failed to benefit from the sale of church lands
resented the civil constitution of the clergy (conservative area)
They organize an army. They capture several small towns. The convention responds with
EXTREME brutality.
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