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Lecture 19

History 1601E Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Meiji Oligarchy, Emperor Meiji, Cherry Blossom

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HIS 1601E
Cary Takagaki

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Japan’s response to western
-Why was Japan able to meet the challenge of imperialism while China was not?
-Was the fall of Tokugawa a result of domestic change or external pressure
The Meiji oligarchs
-No political power before
-Willing to try new ideas
-Nothing to lose
-China: the ruler had hold the power for so long, greater opportunity cost
The charter oath
Creation of nation-state
-Create a history (people don’t have the sense of a nation before) by creating a
common ideals?
-National holidays (day of the founding of the nation; birthday of the emperor
-National monuments (something new)
-Symbols (Mount Fuji, cherry blossom, the portray of the emperor)
-National anthem
-National flag
-Establishment of military (中国的前车之鉴)
Initially copied French army,, but France defeated by the Prussian, so then
they copied the Prussian army the idea of being the best can be seen
-Conscription ordinance of 1873
At age 20, all males to serve in the military for 3 years, with an additional 4
years in reservespart of national building process
Samurai: small population, old technology, corrupted
-Sent missionaries around the world to get first hand information
Many areas in Europe are not industrialized
Japan felt they are not far behind
Europe gave Japan new technologies (to introduce a market in Japan)
-Copied French education system (a centralized education system), they want to
ensure everyone (including girls) gets the same education again, part of the ID
building process
-1872: 8 years of compulsory education
-1879: shortened to 4 years
-Mid 19th century: 40% boys 15% girls receiving some form of education outside
the home
-1907: increased to 6 years (compulsory education reaches 95% of the population)
-Confucianism’s idea still exist: respect your parentsrespect the government
-Portray of the emperor in the classroom, sing national anthem
Satsu?? Rebellion
-Initiated by samurai (lost their status and jobs), later famers joined (didn’t like
-Rebel was suppressed easily due to the use of modern technology/schemes
O’yatoi gaijin
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