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Lecture 8

History 2125F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Old Age Security, Pension, Canada Pension Plan

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HIS 2125F/G
Peter Krats

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Lecture 8
Keynesian Canada
Big Business, Government and Labor
Keynes in Charge
By 1945 no doubters that government will be supported
Government leading the way
No business men and academics
People living on great depression and world war 2
The Road to the promised land
Consensus on more government
Issues of jurisdiction
Offering not imposing
Government everywhere
Cold War Defense Spending
Infrastructure of all sorts
Even Urban Confidence – Vancouver 1947
“Liberal” programs – 1945 – 1955
Old age pensions
Hospital insurance – enormous – social impact – if you don’t have this
insurance you debate whether you go to the hospital or not
Start of education funding
Liberals loose election and John Diefenbaker and progressive
conservative adds more programs
Progressive Conservative 1955 - 1963
A northern vision
More regional monies A.R.D.AAgricultural – regional – development –
D.R.E.E department of regional economic expansion – went to Maritimes
1963 – the Pearson Years
High point of Keynesian Canada
Canada pension plan – very long time entrepreneurs don’t get pensions
Old age pension wasn’t enough – starts to occur 1965 – onward
Universality – don’t make them universal those who don’t get them will
Canadian assistance – guaranteed income supplement – income doesn’t
reach will get income topped up
Don’t leave people in positions in economic vulnerability
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