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Published on 11 Dec 2012
Red River and the West
French fur traders more likely to live in Native communities during the winter
English (Hudson Bay Co) stayed in their forts during the winter, and told First Nations to bring their fur to the
“Middle Ground”
Place and a concept
New group of people (Metis) arose from this
Two groups: French Metis (more likely to work for the Northwest Co and live with First Nation groups
during the winter - Roman Catholics) and Scotish men marrying Native women work for the Hudson Bay Co
French Metis on bottom of social hierarchy
“Country marriages”
Came out of phrase where marriages of the country style - no priest, Native ceremony, not a religious
ceremony because marriage not conducted in a church
People don’t consider this a problem early on
Later on, seen as a problem because seen as not being legal marriages
Two groups spoke different languages: Michif (French and Cree) and Bungi (Scots and Cree)
Symbols of identity: white infinity sign on blue flag
Sign itself comes from when priests (who registered Cree births) to indicate that birth
Idea that the Metis culture will persist and go on
L’Assomption belt
Belt made in L’Assomption, QC
Wool that had been twined together by hand
Practice piece of clothing that evolved into an identity symbol
Buffalo hunt
Opportunity for people to work on their own and make lots of money
Hunt them on plains
Metis are in river carts shooting buffalos
Pemmican trade
Pemmican is the fat from the buffalo
Red River settlement/Assiniboia
Lots of Metis are living here
Settlements on the river
Buffalos are in this area until population declines and moves westward
Need to ask Hudson Bay Co for a land title (b/c it is part of Rupert’s Land)
More white settlements in the area because Hudson Bay Co was not concerned with legal documents for land
titles (didn’t heavily regulate it)
White settlements move westward
Lord Selkirk
Settles in this area
Sits in the House of Lords in England - high ranking politician
Thinking from a Scottish perspective because many Scottish are being forced off their land and looking to
settle elsewhere
Buys a share from Hudson Bay Co - enough to be able to determine some of the policies there
Get to control what the company does for a bit - establishes River Red/Assiniboia settlement
Sends out Scottish immigrants who lost their land in Scotland
Also for Hudson Bay Co employees who have retired
November 26, 2012
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