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History 2201E Lecture Notes - Baffin Island, Immram, Sea Serpent

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HIS 2201E
Michelle Hamilton

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Lecture 2 September 17, 2012
Explorations and Contacts
Fusang, c 210
A Chinese account that says that Chinese 300 convents went across the world to be a sacrifice to the
volcano gods
Supposedly the volcano god had the power to make people immortal
Approx the coast of BC
First set of people that came back were unsuccessful because of the sea monster
Many accounts of people having gone overseas but never coming back
Accounts supposedly mention convents meeting First Nations
o Domesticated cattle
Some descriptions from First People are accurate with the Chinese accounts
China was capable technologically at this point in time
Most believe this is folklore
St. Brendan the Navigator
o Irish group of monks landed on what they thought was an island, which started moving
o Turned out they were on top of a sea serpent
o Explore ocean north of Ireland
o St. Brendan born in 489
Built a boat and went on Atlantic Ocean looking for the Garden of Eden
On the North Atlantic for years
Find an island which has no inhabitant
Find an island full of birds that sing verses from the Bible
Find an island with monks living on it, who are immortal
Find Judas on an island sitting alone apparently it was his punishment
o Kind of story that was common around 500 about voyages and journeys
Promise Land of the Saints
o Eventually find this island
o Bring back to Ireland samples of the vegetation
o 1970s: St. Brendan’s boat was recreated to prove that his journey was possible
The Viking voyages
Based on archelogical evidence
First person we think and know of is Bjarni Herjolfsson, 986 AD
o Had been blown west and might have sailed along the coast of Baffin Island
Didn’t think the Newfoundland area was worth exploring
Leif Eriksson, 1000
o Greenlander saga the wrongful tales of Greenland
o Comes from Greenland
o Has 30 men with him and see the CA coast is good for vegetation and that fishing is possible
o Find many salmon in the sea and lots of timber to cut down
o Find grapes Newfoundland (the land of wine)
o Brought things back for market selling
Thorfinn Karlsefni
o Interested in Eriksson’s finding in Newfoundland
o Looked into more as a potential settlement rather than an exploration
L’Anse aux Meadows
o People start settling here (the coast of present day Newfoundland)
o Historical site
o Only vindicated Viking sites
Not sure where Finland was
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