History 2201E Lecture Notes - Baffin Island, Immram, Sea Serpent

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A chinese account that says that chinese 300 convents went across the world to be a sacrifice to the volcano gods. Supposedly the volcano god had the power to make people immortal. First set of people that came back were unsuccessful because of the sea monster. Many accounts of people having gone overseas but never coming back. Accounts supposedly mention convents meeting first nations: domesticated cattle. Some descriptions from first people are accurate with the chinese accounts. China was capable technologically at this point in time. Irish group of monks landed on what they thought was an island, which started moving: turned out they were on top of a sea serpent, explore ocean north of ireland, st. brendan born in 489. Built a boat and went on atlantic ocean looking for the garden of eden. Find an island which has no inhabitant. Find an island full of birds that sing verses from the bible.