History 2201E Lecture Notes - Nootka Sound, Potlatch

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Published on 30 Oct 2012
The Northwest Pacific Coast
High density because Natives are good at exploiting their resources and land
Fish available on coast
Coastal First Nations
High population
Large villages with 200-1000 people
Wealth of natural resources
Whale hunting in the coast
High demand for trade for oolichan oil
Highly stratified
Result of high depositional resources
More opportunities for people to earn more than others
Divide between unequal distribution of wealth
Complex ceremonials (potlatch)
Don’t move around much
People at the top are inheriting their wealth - passes down through mothers side
Inherit wealth and status from family - similar to European society
Slaves in this society (First Nation slaves from other groups - obtained them through war)
Those at the top could control how the land was distributed
Wealthy has the power allowed to take other objects from others
Not about the accumulation of objects but the accumulation of goods to be able to redistribute them
1592: Juan de Fuca - represents three of the four nations here:i
1582: second exploration
Sails into the passion
Vitus Bering
Working for the Russians
Kamchatka Expdition, 1729
15some believe m55:
at Nordecic Expledition
DIes in the sahara desser[
Juan Perez, 1775
Juan Franciscodenos bodega y Quandra, 1775
Captain James Cook
Showed that people can be
1778: after the Spanish requisition
Nuu-chah-nulth - grow out resources and ready to trade
Nootka Sound
Gets to the Bering Straight and maps out the entire journey
First to fill in the gaps and completes a full mapping
October 24, 2012
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