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Aldona Sendzikas

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Lecture 40, Part 1 America in World War II
Japan-USA Relations
o Japan had been actively rapidly expanding in Asia
America saw this as a threat to American interests
o July 1940
Roosevelt but an embargo on certain goods shipped to Japan
Aircraft parts, chemicals, etc.
Things were needed to sustain their economy and war effort
o United States Pacific Fleet should be moved from San Diego to Pearl
Harbor in Hawaii
Admiral James Richardson (commander in chief of the fleet)
told Roosevelt this wasn’t a wise move
Went public with view, fired; replaced by Husband
o July 1941
Freezes all Japanese exports in the United States and stopped
export of oil to Japan
US says is Japan leaves China and Indo-China; Japan refuses
o United States’ military power was in Japan’s way, conflict seems
Would have to attack Pearl Harbor as well as bases in the
Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto said that they would need a
surprise attack
Thought they could cripple the United States’ fleet;
would take them at least 6 months to rebuild fleet
6 months would give them enough time to gain a
foothold in southeast Asia
Also would be attacking Allied forces in Guam, Hong Kong,
Burma, etc.
o Magic the American decoding system for Japanese messages
Anticipated that something would happen, thought they would
sabotage fleet
o December 4, code deciphered as “east wind rain”
Definitely going to be conflict between USA and Japan
o Largest naval force in Pearl Harbor, 96 vessels
Battleships named after states
Events of December 7, 1941
o Sunday morning, most soldiers are at church, officers playing golf,
sailors eating breakfast on their ships
o Battle of the Bands between bands on ships was the night before
o USS Ward sunk a Japanese midget submarine, no follow up
o Unusual number of aircraft approaching Oahu, reported
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