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Lecture 46, Part 1 – The 1970s

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Aldona Sendzikas

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Lecture 46, Part 1 The 1970s
Return to law, order and structure
War in Vietnam ended, domestic wars subsided
Rock no longer the music of revolt, lost its edge
o Lyrics didn’t matter as much
o More of a social tranquilizer than a political tool
Emergence of disco: ultimate symbol of disillusionment
“It seemed like nothing happened”, period of odd trends
Richard Nixon
o Vice president to Eisenhower
o Republican; restore law and order campaign
o End the war in Vietnam, employed a southern strategy
o China
US had rejected the new government of China
Nixon changed it, wanted to establish relations with China
Nixon visited China in 1972
o The “Nixon Doctrine”
Believed that the US should maintain the status quo in the third
US participate in development of countries they considered
allies and friends but allow them to develop themselves
Growing American contempt for the UN
Decreasing support of authoritarian regimes facing revolution
E.g. Chile when threatened with fascist regime, US financed the
opposition of the new leader
o Nixon won second election by largest margin in history, 60.7%
Many economic issues
Arab members of OPEC announced they were going to
stop shipping oil to countries that support Israel
Increase cost from $3 a barrel to $15
US suffers first gas shortage since WWII
Inflation a problem
Rising prices and rising wages while unemployment is
Called “stagflation”
o Allende, Pinochet
o Pentagon Papers
1971: Nixon’s attempt to prevent the release of these papers
Government report on Vietnam policies and strategies
Showed the government wasn’t always doing what they said
they were doing
Leaked to the New York Times by Daniel Ellsberg
Raised questions of Nixon’s honesty
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