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History 1803E
Jeffery Vacante

The Early Modern World Conditions that would lead to a modern market economy 3 developments that lead to an emergence -new mindset beginning in 14 to 15 century there was ”renaissance”. Renaissance idea ushers in a era of optimize and scientific inquiry and men reconnected with learnedness, antiquity and desire to re-center man in creation. Take greater control over ones density. Individualism. -2 thing: the rise of Spain in the 15 , 16 century. European dominance with the ability to extract wealth form the new world (Mexico). Spain floods own market with precious metals and economy organized more around money and wealth. -3 thing: rise of the merchant class particularly in England and the rise is a crucial factor in the development of an early modern market system. The took advantage of decline in Spain and new found wealth and position and enter alliances with monarchs of England and give more power to merchants and less to land owning aristocracy. New mind set of early modern. Monarchs explore and find the new world and colonize. Imperialism. Spain squanders its economic position and the English merchants take advantage of this, creation of joint stock companies and chartered companies: these companies given blessing of monarchy’s and will catapult the merchants to prominence, static world of hereditary where money is passed on through the family and s
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