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Michelle Hamilton

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History Lecture 28 Jan. 16 Pacific Scandal - Patronage was a big part of politics - Having a scandal to defeat John A. MacDonald and his Conservative party, means that it was a deep sea of corruption to be able to pull this off - 1872 election – everything was looking good for the conservatives because the Liberal party was a divided group that brought together several other groups - The reform group led by George Brown was cemented into this Liberal party but could not unite - By the 1870s, business and politics are railroads – interests in railway development - There are two different bids for government and for the railway, one is backed by the Americans and the other is by the liberal party - Called the pacific scandal because it was about the building of the pacific railroad - By 1873, John A. MacDonald is forced to resign - 1874 there is another election and The Liberals led by Alexander Mackenzie win office - Mackenzie brings in electoral reform  Secret ballot is introduced  Extends the franchise, giving more people the vote instead of just property owners, still only men could vote  Closing taverns on election day Canada 1878 to 1885 Railway  Important so goods go from east to west  Critical for getting farmers’ goods to market Tariffs  Opposite of free trade (John A MacDonald was the one that negotiated the free trade, but it was lost during the civil war)  John A MacDonald adopts a polic
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