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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Part 2 – McDonald's National Policy

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 12 Part 2– Westward Expansion  McDonald’s National Policy o British and Americans not friendly at this time  Problematic for Canada who needs to be friendly with both  British supported the South during the Civil War  Annexing Canada to the United States viewed as an acceptable payment by the Americans o Fenian Movement  Catholic Irish, movement started in Ireland  Pushing for Irish independence  Wanted Canada to join the United States  Creates problems for McDonald by creating tension along the border  D’Arcy McGee  Father of confederation  Irish Catholic  Spoke in favour of Irish independence  Assassinated outside his home by Fenian activists o Only assassination of a political figure in Canadian history o British and Americans felt that tensions had to come to an end  Created a High Commission to calm the tensions and find out why the tensions were still there  Treaty of Washington, 1871  Canada represented by McDonald, but Britain still really spoke for Canada (Canada doesn’t make its own foreign policy yet)  Terms o US regained access to Canadian fisheries for twelve years o Canadian fish could enter the US duty free o US gained free navigation of the St Lawrence o Canada gained free navigation on Alaskan rivers o Both Canada and US could use each others canals free of charge o Limited tariffs in the carrying trade on the Great Lakes o US paid for damages done during Fenian Border Raids o Britain paid the US $15.5 million for damages during the Civil War  Settles things down
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