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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 Part 3 – Canada in the 1930s

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History 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

Lecture 15 Part 3 – Canada in the 1930s  Stock Market Crashed in 1929  Unemployment up to 30%, most Canadians on relief o No social security/unemployment insurance o Government could not provide enough relief  Severe drought that lasted for years only worsened the situation o 2/3 of Saskatchewan on relief  Have to be self-sufficient  British Columbia doing better, lots of people went there thinking that it was better o “Imported” unemployed people  Maritimes mining and lumber dies down  Newfoundland was second only to Saskatchewan  Central provinces (Ontario and Quebec) were not as bad off o Farmers suffered but didn’t have the drought or locusts o Mining in northern Ontario was still going as well as pulp and paper, but still not much  Conditions did nothing to foster national feelings o Westerners thought people in the east were getting too much, easterners thought the west was complaining too much, etc.  King and Liberals are in power with a majority government o Depression caught the government off-guard o Had no answers or programs in place to prepare for this o King prepared to go to certain lengths to help the provinces, but those provinces only supported the Conservatives would not get any funding  “Five Cent Speech” o Conservative R.B. Bennett hammered at King’s “do nothing policy”  Bennett wins the 1930 elec
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