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Lecture 42 – Post-World War II America

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

Lecture 42PostWorld War II America y HUAC started investigating Hollywood o Hollywood 10 th Called before HUAC all pled the 5 and were sent to jail for 612 monthsSome named names so they didnt have to go to prison o Writers actors attorneys etc on the black list o Often couldnt get jobs moved out of the US o Less than 10 could return to their careers marriages broken o Many less serious films more comedies fantasy films also more anticommunist and war films o Elia KazanWell known director won Oscar1952 called before HUAC named names of friendsAcademy Awards 1999 gave him the honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement500 protestors jammed the pavilion y Included some people who were blacklistedSome applauded others refused to y Korean War o First racial integrated units in the American military o Increase in military expenditures o 1949 5 of GDP spent on military
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