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Personal and Public Piety

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Western University
History 2401E

Lecture 28Jan 23 2012 Personal and Public Pietyy Pietydemonstrate religious devotion religious acts tied with faith y Middle Ages aka Religious Age o Church dominated individual and public faith ththy 12 and 13 century religious life in Europe reached a peak o More involved in mass pilgrimage o Developed attachment for particular saints y People started writing about religious beliefs in an emotional light y Shift in attitude of conceiving image of Christ o Representation of Christ as a more human and more loving figure o More emphasis on a suffering Christ o People started to turn away from the idea and image of an angry Christ y Mother of God moved to centre stage of devotion o Emphasis placed on love and suffering of Mary y After 1000 found more prosperity o New social reality such as life in towns o Gave birth to new religious orders such as guilds o Peoples relationship with religion changedDifferent changing attitudes y Anselm devotion to God was great o Wanted to further prove Gods existence o Not meant to be a scientific proofpreceded from faithAttempt to make belief reasonable o Argument for existence of God Watch maker argumenttakes a lot of thought to create a society so complex like the complexity of an inside of a watch the
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