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Western University
History 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

February 25 2009Holy Roman EmpireCharles VHad no toleration for ProtestantsHoly Roman EmpireEmperor is elected by the 7 most powerful German PrincesThe electors expected bribes and legal demands from the candidatesThey had to trade away their power through these CapitulationsConflicts with Emperors PowerPeace of Augsburg 1555Ferdinand knows that he faces excommunication from the Papacy if he tolerates ProtestantsoBut he must find a way to maintain peace in the empireCius Regio Eius ReligioThe Princes determine the religion of their areasThe Emperors power to demand loyalty to Roman Catholicism is limited by Cius Regio Eius ReligioCapitulationsThis is the legal agreement between the Holy Roman Emperor and the German PrincesThis is the bribe that the Emperor Candidates have to make with the princesgives the Princes powerThe Emperors continually give a little more of their power away with each electionReichstagIn Germany if you wanted to pass a law to the entire empire they had to go through the ReichstagIt was another inconvenient hurdle to the Emperors powerHabsburg LandsBohemia and Austria were very ProtestantFerdinand had to deal with thatFerdinand wants to buy time until he can find a way to heal the rift between Catholicism and ProtestantismoAsks the Pope for permission to do the following things in the German LandsOffer the laity communion in both kindsPriests in the German Lands obtain the right to marryCurb Church land ownershipThe trouble was that the Council of Trent was not willing to change Priest Celibacy and Church LandsFerdinand responded by challenging the Popes ability to reform Your holiness you suckDied in 1564Maximilian II r 15641576He remains officially Catholic but leaned toward the Protestant faithHe believed that religious peace was good for governmentAppalled by the St Bartholomew Day Massacreattempted to urge other leaders in Europe to stop this religious differenceoHe couldnt understand why other leaders would not also pursue religious toleration policiesHe was for peace not warrare for a Roman Emperor
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