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Religious History: Political Theory

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History 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

February 11 2009Political TheoryCauis Regio Auis ReligioPower of the KingsMedieval WestBound by divine lawBound by moral lawReligious laws they were also bound toWhen Kings took power they took oathsTo govern in the interest of their peopleThere is a contractual obligation that binds the King and the personMedieval Kings had emphasized the power given to them by GodThe office of the King was sacred not the person himselfThis is why Succession becomes such a huge issuecontinuity of the office has to maintain its relationship with What right do you have to resist the power of the King if he is Tyrannical or of a Different religionPhillip de Mornay CalvinistDefense of Liberty Against Tyrants 15741579God delegates his authority to earthly rulers on the basis of a contractoTriangleGod People King there is a contract between each partyoThese three contracts are interrelatedand if one of the contracts is violated the others are brought into questionIf the Kings become viewed as Heretical he has broken his contract with Godthe people must resist their King to uphold their own contract with GodThe same could be said about a King who is TyrannicalThe right of resistance rests in the
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