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History 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

Louis comes to power in 1661 decides he is going to rule independently Louis does what charles the fifth doesmakes a high council 5 or 6 individuals who were chosen to help advise him He picks people on merit and ability These are intelligent people Loyalty will be rewarded and disloyalty will be crushed All key decisions are made by Louis VersaillesLouis took steps to reduce the power of the nobility and he does this also through the creation of the palace of Versailles He knows that paris is dangers and so he moves to Versailles It is not just a palace b ut it is a complex with a series of ponds and gardens and hunting grounds It was like a playground for the nobility If anoble wanted to have any power they had to come and stay and Versailles but on their own expense Louis was able to watch over the nobility this way and keep them fighting amongst themselves It is a world of civility and culture It is a profound act of theatre Every night there is a play or party Everyone is always dressed up and extremely polite Noble power is based upon how close they seem to the king Political careers are made and broken on the dance floor The ritual
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