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Lecture 28 - The Great Revolt of 1381, Part 2

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 28The Great Revolt of 1381 Part 2II Causes continued y John Gaunt Duke of Lancaster dominating the government because of the young age of Richard II y Judicial system under pressure o Many royal judges were corruptReceiving pensions from bishops nobles etc o Serfs would burn records of their obligations o Justices in Eyrewent out on circuits throughout the kingdom to dispense the kings justiceDuring the reign of Edward III central government changed it to Justices of the Peace JPsLargely control local justice starting in 1361JPs would become local landownersEnforce frozen wage rates etc y Anticlerical feelings o Abbotts and Bishops large landownersExploited the people doing the work made much more money than secular lords and nobility o Jeffery Chaucer Canterbury Tales critical of the clerics pointed out failings o William Langland critic of the church o One of the leader
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