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Lecture 35 - Politics and Society in the 15th Century, Part 1

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

thLecture 35Politics and Society in the 15 Century Part 1 I Source problems for the fifteenth century y Dismal time for good primary sources o Series of monastic chronicles comes to an end in 1422 after death of Thomas of Walsingham o Thomas of Walsingham d 1422Monk o Monasteries arent as vibrant as they used to be y Anonymous chronicles o No single firstrate political chronicler but some anonymous chronicles o Many from London several who were merchants etc o Unsure if they are entirely accurate could be spreading rumours y At the end of the century eg Polydore Vergil Sir Thomas More o Increase in good primary sources o Sixteenth century on State papers More popularII Functions of the monarchy problems performing them y Same as the are in the days of Edward I y Great Seal of the King one side as a warrior other as a judge o Internal and external concerns of the realm o Must be able to prote
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