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Lecture 44 – The Reign of Elizabeth - Early Years

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 44The Reign of Elizabeth Early Problems and Solutions I Accession y Acceded on November 17 1558 y Famous for its length and politicalcultural achievement y 25 at the death of Mary y In good health intelligent well educated y Commander of languages both present and ancient languages o Spoke and wrote French Italian and German y Politically savvy y Needed to be careful in the reigns of her brother and sister o Conformed to Roman Catholicism during the reign of Maryo No evidence to convict Elizabeth for being involved in the Wyatt Rebellion but did spend some weeks in the Tower of London y Once it was clear that Mary was not going to have any children Mary conceded that Elizabeth would be her successor o Very favourable reaction from the people y Elizabeth had a number of problems to deal withII Religious Settlement y Elizabeth is not fanatical like her sister unsure about her own personal beliefs y Appears that she looks at religious matters in a political context y Francis Bacon o She did not wish to make windows into mens hearts o Wants conformity to whatever religious belief is chosenShe is not going to torture people to find out what their beliefs are y Options o AngloCatholicismCatholicism without the PopeIsnt really an option in 1558Works only when most people hate the pope but love the massCan be dismissed almost immediately o CatholicismCould have been continued but would stop the burningsCould have reconciled with the Pope and get him to recognize her legitimacyGet recognition fro the two Roman Catholic monarchs Philip of Spain and Henry II of FranceTempting prospectBut it does involve accepting the Pope has her religious superior y Not to her tasteIf she does go for Catholicism would betray Protestants
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