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Lecture 51 – Civil Wars, Interregnum and Protectorate

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Western University
History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 50Civil Wars Interregnum Protectorate I First Civil War 16421646Prince Rupert of the Rhine o Son of Charles sister Elizabeth o 23 years old uncle Charles very fond of himYoung dashing o Had a poodle that went into battle with him killed at Battle of Marston MoorBattle of Edgehill o First major engagemento Usually configuration was to have infantry in the centre and cavalry on the flanks o Draw Edgehill checked the royal forces didnt stop them entirelySuggested Rupert should have pressed on towards LondonOxford o Winter was approaching Charles withdrawsSets up headquarters in Oxford becomes the hub of royalist activity o Some argue that the civil war ended here because they couldnt get London backHad to get taxes from shires under his controlNo access to palaces Westminster etcRoyalists or Cavaliers vs Parliamentarians or Roundheads o Parliament invents new taxesExcise customs dutyAssessment on neighbourhoods way to gain more resources o Pym maintains control of the House of Commons o Lowland zones support parliament highland zones support the royalist side o If the king had been isolated there would not have been civil war o Royalists2 sectionsUltraKeen Royalists o Eg Henrietta Maria wife of Charles Rupert of the RhineModerates o EgEdward Hyde o Some uneasy about the powers of the king o But if you dont go with the king leftwing ideas might come up o People dont remember their place still wanted a king or queen at the head of governmentOld ConstitutionConstitution of the Tudor periodLooked back on as a Golden Age
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