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Lecture 54 – The Popish Plot

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 54The Popish Plot I 1678The StartWell into the reign of Charles IIRoyal Society founded during the reign of Charles IIWalking in St James Park o Intercepted by man chemist at royal court and told there is a plot against his life and throne o Issue given to the Privy Council Danby acting as kings chief ministerMeetings of the council plans of the plot revealed o Charles present at several of the meetings o Titus Oates and Ezerel Tonge discover information about the Catholic plotCatholic lots against the king Pope involvedPope going to have the Jesuits act against the king and parliamentPlot alleged that the plot included money from Spanish JesuitsGoing to kill Charles II put brother James on the throneQueen Catherine of Braganza had been paid to poison the king Spanish Jesuits to shoot him and Irish ruffians to stab himAlso to be a massacre of England protestants and a French invasion of IrelandJames Duke of York known to be a Catholic dismissed from being commander of the Royal fleetAccording to plot James would become king an be a puppet of the JesuitsProduces widespread panic and hysteria o Very intolerant century in regards to Catholics o Pack of liesII Why so easily believed Attitudes of Catholics numbers o Many people in England who had the idea that the Papists were everything bad and did everything badFit popular perception of Catholics o Long antiCatholic tradition stretching back to Tudor timesBook of Martyrs by Fox deaths of Cranmer Ridley Lattimer etcPlots against Elizabeth during her reign by Catholics eg desire to have Mary Queen of Scots replace her and fears of Catholic SpainGunpowder Plot under James IMovement by Archbishop Laud to bring in Armenian ideas reminded people of Catholicismstepping stone to restoration of the Catholic churchCharles I married a Catholic Henrietta Maria from France
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