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The Mexican-American War

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History 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

Lecture 3132Feb 79 2012 The MexicanAmerican Wary Mr Polks Waran attempt to expand US territory towards the Atlantic Ocean taking over Mexican land y Americans claimed Rio Grande was the border dividing their countries y Mexicans claimed Nueces River defined their borders y Polks campaign expand US territory Manifest Destiny y US looked to annex Texas and Mexico wanted to take it back y Polk claimed Texas need protection and sent army o Army of Observationrapidly expanded y Polk believed paying Mexico money for territory to have Mexican officials accept that the Rio Grande was the border dividing the two countries would work o Mexican officials were insulted y Corpus Christialong coast of Atlantic Ocean between Rio Grande and Nueces y US wanted northern territories that was made up of California and New Mexico y 1846 US ambushed Mexico y Mexican soldiers retreated y Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was exiled to Cuba and needed US authority to allow to pass through blockade y Zachary Taylor and Santa Anna believed they both won the war o Santa Anna had stopped the American ad
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