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Lecture 5

History 2605E Week 5

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Western University
History 2605E
Carl Young

Minamoto Victory - Rebellion led by Minamoto Yoritomo in early 1180’s - Beginning of Genpei War - Yoritomo’s brother, Yoshitsune, takes control of Kyoto - Taira defeated in naval battle of Dan-no-ura in 1185 - Fujiwara family remnants defeated four years later The bakufu - The Minamoto warrior family emerged as the top warrior family in 1185 - The emperor gave the head of the Minamoto family the title of “Great Barbarian Subduing General” (Seii-tai- shogun) - The new shogun installed a parallel military government in Kamakura known as the bakufu (“Tent government”) (also sometimes called shogunate) Kamakura Government - The shogun got the right from the imperial court to appoint provincial officials - Gokenin – Minamoto household vassals - Jito (land steward) – collect rents on shoen - Shugo – provincial military commanders - Get paid through shiki from estates - Got military protection tax - Imperial family and aristocracy survive, but under military protection Complications - Yoritomo died in 1199 - Minamoto line dies out in 1219 - Power falls to the Hojo family, in-laws to Yoritomo - Act as regents for the shogun - 1221-Rebellion by Emperor Go-Tuba - Defeat of rebellion strengthens the bakufu Institutions - Office for samurai supervision, security, and police - Board of inquiry handled cases of justice - Office of Administration handled military bureaucracy - Hojo family headed administration - Joei law code-1232 - Came to apply to whole country Mongol Invasions - Khublai Khan - First attempted invasion in 1274 - Driven back by bad weather - Second attempt with 140
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