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Western University
History 2812E
Shelley Mc Kellar

Disease and the Enlightenment Science Smallpox and Scurvy November 30 OutlineReason and Evidence A New Rational and Systemic Approach o Faith in Science As Explanation and Method o The Environment Arguments of Contagion vs MiasmaThe Enlightenment Attacks Disease o Smallpox and Inoculationo Scurvy and Citrus FruitsThe Impact of the Enlightenment on DiseaseTermsEdward Jenner 17491832James Lind 17161794The Scientific RevolutionNew systems of understanding the physical world laid the foundation of modern scienceReason and Evidence A New Rational and Systemic ApproachReason challenged Religious FaithEvidence challenged authorityReason and evidence would create a better futureScience and technology would enhance societys control over natureSocial progress prosperity and the conquest of disease would followFaith in ScienceAs ExplanationAs MethodNew knowledge throughObservationHypothesisExperimentationThe Environment as a Cause of DiseaseContagion vs MiasmaThe Enlightenment Attacks DiseaseSmallpoxScurvySyphilisRicketsFeversTyphusMalariaYellow FeverInfluenzaSmallpox The Speckled MonsterVariolaCaused by smallpox virus within a group of orthopox virusesForms Variola Major death in approximately 30 of its victimsVariola Minor death in approximately 1 of its victimsVariola Intermedius level of severity between the other two formsTransmitted by airborne droplets human to humanSmallpox Inoculation Variolation involves inoculation with live smallpox matterLady Montagu spreading the word about the effectiveness of smallpox inoculation ingraftingHans Sloane 16601753Inoculation as an Enlightenment Issue th Second half of the 18 Century inoculation because popular again perhaps due toNew method of InoculationInoculation became less expensiveEdward Jenner 17491832Inoculated Edward Phipps in 1796Little Cows Erupting Everywhere An antivaccine cartoon by James Gilary 1802Vaccination safer than VariolationScurvySymptomsAppetite lossPoor weight gainDiarrheaRapid breathingFeverIrritabilityTenderness of legsSwelling over bonesBleedingFeelings of paralysisBleeding of the gumsLoosened teethPurple spots on skinBleeding in eyehyperkeratosisCauseHumoural TheoryAtmospheric TheoryChemical TheoryOthersJames Lind 17161794Impact of the Enlightenment on DiseaseWhat did it mean for fighting diseaseContinuitiesDisease treatment still those therapies of Galen
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