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American South and World War Two

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History 3321E
Eric Jarvis

American South January 4 World War TwoImportance on the shaping of the current south Formation of the Sun Belt in the South and how it applies itself throughout the US In terms of Agriculture cotton prices begin to increase in price during the war along with the prices of tobacco as it was deemed a necessary object in winning the war Mixed crops and truck crops begin to show importance as Agriculture begins to be responsible for feeding cities Decrease in share cropping Mechanization and the movement of young men and women in the south begin to move into the war effort Fewer farmers make agriculture more profitable doubling over the years of the war ndThe federal government began to pour money into the south during the 2 world war Industrial military complex begins to spread throughout the south as they use the south as the grounds for building shipyards naval bases military bases and even military industrial buildings Funding military occupation in these areas forms a trickling effect into all the businesses near by Transformation attempts on the south Physical layout of the South also makes it very appealing for these military institutions Flat lan
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