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History 3321E
Eric Jarvis

American South January 18 White Citizens Councils Upper Middle Class Opposed to atheistism communism and mongrelization of the human race Begin in 1954 and spread throughout till 1957 until decline begins in 6061 See themselves as gentile rather than aristocrats They see themselves as being the more civil approach to racism View themselves as a lobbyist group Effect those opposed cannot get a mortgage fired from a job tabs begin to be called in and lines of credits are no longer given loans are no longer given increased insurance premiums some retailers will not accept business from these parties Total membership across all states never exceeded 250 000 members Highpoint was in 1955 Indianola Delta birthplace of these White Citizens CouncilsRealization that schools cannot be merely closedThere were attempts to create private subsidized schools which were paid for by tax dollars but had restrictions and segregation of public schools North Carolina attempted to appear moderate and tried to give off vibes of progressivism by the creation of token blacks inclusion Hodges Governor of North Carolina Creates a council to deal with the idea of solving the segregation problem The committee had a fe
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