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History 3415E
Karen Priestman

5 November 2012 3415E Weltpolitik and the Naval Race Wilhelm’s ‘New Course’ and Weltpolitik - Chancellors: o Leo von Caprivi, 1890- 1894  Chancellor who takes over after Bismarck  Finds two difficulties:  Press and opinion of public affairs  Germany’s stance in changing public affairs  Believe that war is an acceptable instrument of politics, but that Germans don’t want war- present it as a defensive war  Believes that there is a contradiction German’s relations with Austria- H & Russia- unsustainable relations- A.H over Russia o Chlodwig, Prince Hohenlohe- Schillingsfurst, 1894- 1990 o Bernhard von Bulow, 1900- 1909  (Foreign Secretary, 1897- 1900) o Theobald von Bethman- Hollweg, 1909- 1917  Advocate that war will bring Germany together - Admiral von Tirpitz- Secretary of State for the imperial Navy, 1897- 1916 - Greatest weapon is land army- great diversion of German politics to the Navy Colonia Policy - Acquired by Bismarck, 1884- 1886 o Empire increases 0.18% over Bismarck’s - Bulow’s ‘A place in the sun’ - Social imperialism: o Diverting ‘revolutionary elements’ towards imperialism o 5495 emigrants to colonies - Social Darwinism: o Transferring Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ to social problems o Perfect justification for imperialism - Germany’s colonies become a Financial drain and a Political drain - They don’t rally the nation together in the way that they were intended - Can be seen as a way to deal with domestic division but it isn’t achieved Germany and the Herero and Nama People - 1904-1907: o Herero and Nama peoples rise up against German colonizers o 14 000 German troops sent to quell the uprisings - Approximately 50 000 Herero and 10 000 Nama men, women and children are slaughtered, starved to death or worked to death - This genocide was not ordered by civilians by was a response by the army - Civilians spoke out and complained about the mass slaughter Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz (1849-1930) - 1897: Sea power is a question of German survival o as a deterrent o social imperialism - the navy league o helped mobilize various support for polices- subsidies and concessions from the gov’t o lobbyist group o turns public opinion towards his plans f
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