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Lecture 7

lecture 7 - WW2

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History 2125F/G
Peter Krats

Lecture 7; World War 2 War Brings Change and Continuity • War Warps Society • Total War • Canada 1.1 million serve • 100,000 casualties • Much pressure on domestic society and command economy • War Measures Act – “Orders in Council” • Leading the charge economically is the minister in charge • Minister of munitions and supply- war materials • C.D Howe Canada and United States • Not in total war • Can mass produce • Capitalism and factories get used for production of war time goods Classic Crown Corporation. • Synthetic Rubber • Made from oil • Government kicks in a lot of money in Polysar Sarnia that will for a long time made goods • Stays a government company for decades • Pulp and paper 1943 • Iron imports and exports Resources • Part of massive growth Spending Driven by Government not Business • Government is winning war • Government is spending relief during Depression • 800 percent increase in taxation to fund to the government relief Business joins the war effort • Try to market people to buy victory bonds Link wartime and Peacetime Production • When war is over you can buy stuff • Soldiers coming back from oversees can get suburban home Government Deficit vs. GNP 1945 • Debt is an economic tool Volunteers Celebrated • Not just unions push for everyone to push productivity • Farmers a
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