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David Norton

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Hist1403E February 15, 2012 Lecture 31 TOPIC Funding Hitler (or Not) 1933  Spartacists o A group suspected of being communist under the regime. o There were industrialists who said that they would do/pay anything to keep the communists out of their country. To keep them out of Germany, industrialists and bankers paid the Nazis to keep them out.  Army Financial Support o Another group who was willing to pay the Nazis to keep out the Communists.  General Election o Hitler is put into politics by Hindenburg.  Anti-Semitism, Boycott and Krupp o If Germany is going to look bad by boycotting Jewish businesses, it is going to stain them internationally. o The boycott is shortened (it was originally one week, but changed to one day). Gobbels wants this so that the Jews know that they are not welcome.  Nazi Labour Front and Dr. Ley o Dr. Ley was the government minister responsible for monitoring the labour movement. o The Nazi regime is organizing the labour movement. 1934-1935  Economic Revival o Money will be given as long as it’s not spent on armour. o Gives the Nazis an opporuniy to tax companies. o The economy is improving. 1935 – Confiscation of Jewish Property  Everything from the wealth of the synagogues, personal belongings, etc. are taken from the Jews. All of the funds acquired go to the Nazi funds. 1939-40 – Hitler  Hitler becomes the wealthiest man in Europe.  One of his major sources of income is the profits from his book. Millions of marks went into his account.  He never carried money on his person. He saw carrying money as a characteristic of the poor and lower class.  He attempts to become the equivalent of the British monarchy.  He had personal chefs and brewers.  Everything that he owned (cars, clothes, etc.) were custom made, and he collected books
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