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Western University
History 2145A/B
David Norton

Hist1403E February 29, 2012 Lecture 33 TOPIC The Holocaust Boycott  March 1933  All people were supposed to stay out of Jewish establishments (shops, banks, etc.). This was enforced when the SS would stand guard and prevent anyone from entering. In fact, many SS guards would not approve of the harsh treatment of the Jews, and left their posts.  American government contacts Hitler, and warns him that he will lose all respect from the international community if he carries out this plan.  Not supported, this movement only lasted a day. Legislation  The Nazis were now going to pass laws to make things more difficult for the Jews: o 1933 – Civil Service Law This was a way for the Nazis to legally run the Jews out of the country. Made life so uncomfortable that it was practically impossible.  E.g. Jews were not permitted to work in any form of civil service. They could not enter professions that consisted of government involvement or assistance (welfare).  Legal Profession Law Jews were not allowed to practice law, and if you were a Jew, you had to hire a Jewish lawyer (there were none!).  National Health Law Jews can only go to Jewish doctors, but all Jewish doctors had/were leaving the country.  Overcrowding of Schools There are too many Jewish children in German state schools. Due to the overcrowding, Jewish students had to go to Jewish schools. (Giving priority to non-Jews). However, Jewish teachers had also been eased out of the country.  Journalism Law The only way a Jew can run a publishing company is to get permission from Goebbels (Minister of Propaganda). o September 1935 – Nuremberg Laws [EXAM]  The purpose was to identify every Jew in the country through bloodlines. (traced back to the level of being 1/16 Jewish)  Requirements if you were identified as a Jew:  You had to wear the Star of David  You were to live in allowable areas (eventually became the ghetto)  One of the laws passed to back-up this, would be Protection of German Blood and Honor.  A Jew and Aryan were forbidden to marry. Any marriages of such prior to this date (1935) – Jew to a non-Jew, would be annulled.  Marriages outside Germany between a Jew and non-Jew would be considered void.  No Jews are allowed to engage in sexual intercourse if they are not married.  No Aryan house woman over the age of 45 could work in a Jewish home. This is carried further by the Reich Citizenship Law – if you were ¾ Jewish, you had to find employment in the Jewish community. If you were ½ Jewish, you were only allowed certain occupations (a person could even be a half-Jew if you married a Jew and you weren’t Jewish at all). Emigration *This is where IBM came into play.  Jews have now been identified, and it was time to get rid of them.  1936 - Himmler is put in charge. He was seen by Hitler as a very organized man. Himmler puts together a document:  1934 – “Secret Report on Jewish Question” o Suggested that there would be a mass-emigration of Jews out of the country. o They would be paid by the state for them to relocate (no expense to the Jew). o Where were they supposed to go? They suggested Palestine, Syria, Ecuador, or Madagascar. o Hitler saw himself as being a good person (we’ve treated you poorly, and now we’re trying to help you out). o By 1938 100 000 Jews had moved out of the country. o Himmler later suggested Brazil and Argentina.  1937 – Eichmann o The evil man behind the movement. o Brilliant mind yet totally distorted. o Studied Jewish Religion and Jewish History in University (purely out of interest sake). o Went to a Jewish school in Germany and learned a lot about Hebrew. o He absorbed himself in Jewish life as a non-Jew. o Issued a “Comprehensive Report on the Jewish Problem”  Proposes a new technique for getting r
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