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History 2145A/B
David Norton

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Hist1403E March 12, 2012 Lecture 36 TOPIC America and Nazi Scientists For some reason not totally known, the Americans were eager to take in Nazi scientists. However, it had to be questioned where there loyalties would lie. IG Farben (1913-1945)  Brain child of the economist.  Expecting war to come, and believes that a conglomerate would be the ideal solution.  Given a Nobel prize for chemistry for developing a cheap pesticide, using the knowledge of the knowledge of the farmers.  “The Devil’s Chemists” o Promised the Nazis that they would be able to build anything they needed (chemicals, photography, weapons, bombs, rubbers, etc.).  Auschwitz o Supplies the labour for this conglomerate. o People did not want to purchase what was made, because it was produced using slave labour. The workers (inmates) would be housed in Auschwitz, and then walk 4 hours to the factories everyday. o Himmler said that a place needed to be built beside Auschwitz so that the walk wasn’t so far: Monowitz (for the most part, part of Auschwitz). Technically it wasn’t a concentration camp, but it was at everyone was monitored at all times. There were plans from the west to bomb Monowitz when the workers were gone, to get rid of the slave production. Monowitz was a work concentration camp that belonged to The Devil’s Chemists. It still had the atmosphere of a concentration camp. This was unique to the Nazi regime. IBM (1889 – present)  A German-born American, last name Hollerith, and was aware of IG Farben and the conglomerate system. His dream is to establish in America, a business simply for the purpose of tabulations.  He wants to sell his idea in Germany, so makes numerous trips over to market it. There is a fair bit of interest (but not as much as expected), and a man named Watson joins the team as a marketer.  Eventually the Nazi party becomes very interested, and they take over the operation. It was popular due to its efficiency and lack of man power required.  How then, could one argue that the Americans know nothing about the activity of the Nazi regime? People did know what was going on!  The tabulated such things as nationality, marriage records, number of children, dates of birt
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