Health Sciences 1001A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Employment Discrimination, Physical Exercise, Gatorade

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Thursday, January 29, 2015
Obesity and Weight Management
Weight of the Nation: Stigma - The Human Cost of Obesity (HBO Docs)
18% of children are obese
2/3 people will become obese if they keep with the average lifestyle of Americans
Stigma of obesity
Not just a problem with health, but a problem with society
Tend to see obesity as personal responsibility, some of them it is not their fault but are
stigmatized as if they are
They have all the qualities you could have
Weight is the 4th highest way adults are discriminated against
People tend to think if people are obese we can say nasty things to them, maybe
thinking they're doing some good but actually people know how they are
Discriminating against obese people doesn’t make them want to exercise and loose
weight but actually to eat more
Perceptions: no self control, unintelligent, a reck, continually eating, lazy, lacking
discipline, dishonest, unsuccessful
The perceptions and stereotypes are coming from everywhere
Family members that are concerned can end up saying something critical that can
have an extreme effect on their self-esteem
Some doctors don’t know how to deal with it, so they are avoiding health care
because of their negative experiences
Workplace discrimination is more likely when you are overweight
Stigma results in economic hardships
No federal laws that have weight lose discrimination
74% of the images of obese people are negative images having an effect on attitudes
towards obese people
Gender and weight bias
-Girls have it harder than boys when they are obese
-Girls experience weight bias at a lower BMI than men
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Girls have it harder than boys when they are obese. Girls experience weight bias at a lower bmi than men. Treat them as you would treat anyone else. Not make an assumption that it is a personal choice, there could be a reason that they can"t control why they overweight. Try to get rid of the word obese. More tv leads to more couch potatoes because of less physical activity but they are being in uenced by the advertisements of pop, high sugar cereals, etc. Food marketing is very powerful, they pay millions of dollars to have advertisements that are targeted at kids effecting their preferences, choices, and shapes what they want and are willing to eat. Debate in washington whether they should be able to advertise to children. Cfbai (children food and beverage advertising initiative): mcdonalds, harvey"s, Hershey"s, etc. pledged to advertise more heather foods to children.

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