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Shauna Burke

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HealthSci Lecture Review Notes Movie: Addiction  Addiction – disease of the brain, which causes abnormal behaviour  Most addiction starts between ages 18-25 (barely ever starts after 30)  They are the result of adaptations in the brain that affect the ability to control behaviour and control over intake of drug  Difficult to understand and deal with  The area of the brain for making free choices does not work properly  There is an interaction between genes and the environment o Some people are more vulnerable  High risk environments include: o Stress, abuse, accessibility to drugs, and no supervision  Many addicted people do not feel good about taking drugs anymore  All drugs activate dopamine – a naturally occurring opiate o Addicted brain decreases natural production of dopamine  Brain has a natural reward system to learn essential behaviour for survival o Drugs activate this, but this activation is stronger and long-lasting o Deprivation – body feels they need the drug for survival  Example: John has been doing meth for over 10 years and started around age 30, and he has
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