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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

12-12-12 Ep. 1 The Difference Between Us 1. What evidence is provided that race has no biological basis? Ep. 2 The Story We Tell 1. How was the construction of race related to social, political, and economic processes? What do you think? -race is an idea that has evolved overtime, society has created this to further political goals 2. Both Africans and Indians were subjected to racism, though the reasons for these forms of racism were somewhat distinct. Try to capture some of the similarities and differences in these forms of racism. -africans were known to be good as trades -lower class of Europeans one more rights by policing Africans -whites assumed natives were free men and not different from blacks -jefferson thought natives were savages and should be exterminated or civilized (education and env could improve them) -cheapest/easiest way to get Indian land and avoid war to was to take land, educate them and change there religion -whites forced natives out of homes, killed them and sold land -indian removal act (1/4 Cherokee nation died in camps-shot and relocated) -believed Mexicans were mere Indians/savages (America took 1/3 of Mexican land) What is meant by the term “racializing society”? What does it mea
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