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class 9: life under mike

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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

Health sci feb 3rd Movie • to help the homeless there are street patrols that go out every night • there are soup kitchens and many donations given by the patrollers, put fundraiser (sumos) • Must write a letter to the permiere to see him. Offices were empty. Didn’t get to meet mike • ppl actually went to the office and no one was thereand then an investigator started doing some investigations and wasn’t pleased • there are sweatshops in Toronto a person got only $4 for a shirt, workers making less than min wage • lots of complains about squeggy kids so they decided to band the poor • A man buys and sells papers 35cents sells for $1(unemployed from carpet buisness)went bankrupt • Jack leyton said there taking money from poor and giving it to the rich. Says to live on streets 4while • Mans xmas tree was from garbage, create fire out of garbage cans • Mike promised more jobs, petro earns $196 M and only 546 jobs • Bell Canada $500M and 3170 jobs • VACANCY ACT- making it illegal to be poor Question I just want to make sure if I have the right understanding of Harris' goals based on the commen sense revolution (regarding the tax rates on coorporations): -by decreasing tax rates, Harris is supporting the growth and profitability of cooporations -with this increased net income, Harris believed that it would result in more jobs...and with that said, decrease the prevalence of those on welfare -clearly this is a paradox because decrease in tax rates on coorporations put a barrier to the redistribution of res
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