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Lecture 14

Health Sciences 1002A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Small For Gestational Age, Preterm Birth, Birth Weight

Health Sciences
Course Code
HS 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

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Guiding Questions for Film: When the Bough Breaks from the series “Unnatural Causes”
How are pregnancy outcomes affected by racism and chronic stress?
African Americans have higher rates of having premature and underweight babies
Unequal treatment of African Americans in American society
Two fold increased risk of low birth weight for women who face racism over lifetime
Chronic stress associated with being a minority increases risk of premature or low birth
Stress hormones help trigger labour
Cumulative experiences of mother over their life
According to the film, why do African American women at each income level have worse
outcomes than their white counterparts?
Higher socio economic status , live longer and have fewer health problems than lower
More education, the less likely you are for a premature or low birthweight infant
African American women who have higher education still have relatively high premature
birth rates
Describe Dr. Lu’s “life-course perspective.” How does it broaden conventional approaches,
which focus primarily on risk factors during pregnancy?
What are the mechanisms by which experiences outside the body and before
conception can affect birth outcomes?
Entire life course of women affect birth outcomes
Describe how the life-course perspective supports a link between racism and premature
birth or low birth-weight babies.
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