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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2300A/B
Jeremy Roth

The Heart The Engine of The Body 11222012 125100 PM Cardiac Muscle is Involuntarily controlled while Skeletal Muscle is Voluntarily controlledHeart constantly beating can beat on its ownWill beat forever if supplying sufficient amount of oxygen o Controlled by the Parasympathetic Nervous System rest and digest and Sympathetic Nervous System Fight or Flight The heart is anterior within the thoracic cageHas an apex point that points downwards bottom left of the chestNot symmetrical The heart sits on top of the diaphragm in a sac called the pericardial sacPurpose to provide a cavity to reduce friction as the heart beatsAdditionally the sac helps to anchor the heart to the diaphragmsac is anchored to the diaphragm and great vesselsBetween T3T4 lies the top of the heart At T9 lies the bottom of the heart Heart lies just behind the sternumIf the zyphoid process was to break it could potentially could puncture the heart3 Circulatory CircuitsPulmonary CircuitSend blood to and from the lungsPicks up oxygen and brings it to the heart and expels carbon dioxide Heart is not just apumping organ it is a pressure generating systemThere is a left and right side to the vascular networkThey include oxygenated red left and deoxygenated blood blue right or arteries and veins respectively Blue color of the veins comes from cyanosis lack of blood Deoxyginated blood is dark red Oxygenated blood is lighter redDark red is the true color of bloodVeins look blue as they are transparent Arteries are much thicker and Deoxyginated is not actually deoxygenated it just has slightly less oxygenCO2 is a byproduct of normal cellular respirationTherefore there is a continuous amount of CO2CO2 hinders the ability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen so it must be expelled at the lungsPulmonary System Systemic Circuit all of the systems of the body except the cardiac and respiratory systems use the systemic circuit Coronary systemArteryAway from the heart Veinback to the heartPulmonary artery is blue because bringing blood from heart to lungsPulmonary vein is red because bringing blood from lungs to heart 1 Pulmonary CircuitBlood flow to and from the lungs pressure from the right side of heartThe pressure is 15 mmhg avg pressure is 90Takes blood from the systemic circuit that has been used high co2 and brings it to the lungs via the pulmonary arteryThe pulmonary vein then brings blood to left side of the heart and puts blood back into systemic circuit 2Systemic Circuitblood to and from the entire body from the left sidesupplies all tissues with o2 and nutriens and retuens co2The systemic blood pressure generator 3 Coronary Circuit forgoton circuit Anterior Aspect of Heart
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