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Anatomy Lecture 2

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2330A/B
Jamie Melling

The Nervous System Organization Nervous Tissue Spinal CordLearning Outcomes for the Nervous System 1Understand basic regions of the brain and spinal cord and its relation to bodily functions sensory and motor2Learn the pathways for movement and sensation in relation to the brain and to look at the effects of disorders and injuries that affect these pathways3Develop an understanding of the vasculature of the nervous system and the effects of altered blood flow4Explore how different areas of the brain work together and what happens when one of them is not functioning normally 1Identify the basic operational components of the nervous system2Describe the cell types of the nervous system3Associate sensations with the relevant receptors4Identify the components of the spinal cord5Differentiate between peripheral and central regeneration Anatomical Organization02
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