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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2700A/B
Treena Orchard

2700 Lecture 8November 15The Emergence of the Medicalization of Adolescence in Canada th During the 20 century adolescents presented a social problemMedicine was a powerful domain through which this problem was identified and controlled 1224 year old were the healthiest age groupLed to the establishment of theories of modern adolescence and regulatory policies intended to enforce what was normal in each life stage o Ex IQ tests agegraded schoolsThe Importance of NormalThis concern shared across scientific and social disciplineso Connected to fears about the destabilization of western society as a result of industrialization urbanization and mass immigration o In this context adolescence emerged as both particularly vulnerable and as a key resource to focus on to combat and control these changes o Testing for and devising ways to ensure the production of normal adolescents central to the perpetuation of a healthy and strong society Remains TodayThe diseasemodel framework made adolescence a state of disequilibrium caused by bodily changes that were triggered by the biological imperatives of sexual maturationJust as the lim
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