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Lecture 11

Kinesiology 1070A/B Lecture 11: Point of Decision Prompts

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Kinesiology 1070A/B
Harry Prapavessis

November 11, 2016 Point of Decision Prompts Message Framing and Health Behaviour Change Informational approaches to increased activity o Increased activity by prompting information necessary to motivate people to change their behaviour and to maintain change over time o Information is intended to change knowledge about the benefits of activity, increase awareness of opportunities, overcoming barriers, increase participation o Evaluation and Modification of Exercise Patterns in the Natural Environment PointofDecision Prompts o Signs put by elevators to motivate people to use stairs o Signs thought to be effective by Reminding predisappointed people to become more active Show opportunities to be more active in community and show the health benefits from taking the stairs Evaluation of 21,091 observations of people going up stairs or escalators Setting Six observers were located in 3 locations: shopping mall, train stations, bus terminals Observers assessed the stair use Observations were made on the same day of the week and during the same hour Reliability data were collected for each category Exclusion: those with children or luggage Intervention Signs that encourage stair use Experimental conditions Week 1 2 5 6 o 2 observations constituted baseline phase Week 3 4 7 8 (B) o 2 observations during intervention phase Results B showed high average using the stairs Designed to address maintenance effects and effects of repeated exposure Experimental conditions Baseline A: Observations made for 5 consequent days Intervention B: Sign used for 15 consequent days Withdrawal A: Sign removed for 10 days
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