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Lecture 9

Kinesiology 1080A/B Lecture 9: Closed-Loop Motor Control

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Western University
Kinesiology 1080A/B
Matthew Heath

March 29, 2017 ClosedLoop Motor Control Effector would be your arm Sensory system if monitoring your environment Feedback evaluates if your meeting your system goal, if not your movement will change All about monitoring what you are doing in your environment, and modifying an ongoing movement Simple scimatic of sensory o Visual system Visual stimulus will hit the retina (back of your eye) Projects to the lateral geniculus nucleus (in seeing part of thalamus) Primary visual correct (V1), gets here by the geniculostriate visual pathway (major visual pathway) Once it translates the visual information Using vison for proception (identify object shape, colour, location, orientation) information will pass from V1 to the inferiotemporal cortex, necessary for visual proception (ventral visual pathway) Using vision to control movement (kicking soccer ball, picking up an object, writing) rely on V1 to the posterior parietal cortex... supports use of vision to control action (dorsal visual pathway) o Control of quick movement, to superior colliculus, to alpha motor neurons in the brain stem (retinotectal pathway) (extrageniculit pathway) Retinal cells o 1. Rods: Achromatic Grey scale Equally dispersed about retina Low spatial resolution Respond to low light levels Provides night vision o 2. Cones: Chromatic Largely located in the centre of the retina (socalled central vision) High spatial resolution
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